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Dr. Rose Kenny: Why Try CrossFit?

· Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny an Oregon physician, is an active member of the American Medical Informatics Associations and the owner/operator of the Family Care Center. Dr. Rose Kenny has decades of experience practicing family medicine and she maintains an overwhelmingly-positive reputation.

Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Rose Kenny stays active and fit with workouts like CrossFit on a regular basis, and she’s less stressed because of it.

Dr Rose Kenny

CrossFit attracts people from all walks of life, from physicians like Dr. Rose Kenny to competitive athletes, and it’s a highly-effective way to get in shape. It’ll build strength, burn calories, improve joint mobility and release mood-boosting hormones that can fight depression.

If you’d like to try CrossFit, attend a class with a certified instructor. This will ensure you have the proper guidance to avoid injury, maintain form and get the most from every workout.

Dr Rose Kenny
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