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Dr Rose Kenny: Why Electronic Medical Records Matter

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​Dr. Rose Kenny is a Clinical Informatics expert and physician working for the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon.

 ​Dr. Rose Kenny has been trained in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) interfaces and consistently works on helping her colleagues access and use patient information to create better treatment plans for everyone and help them prevent diseases they know their patients are predisposed to, based on their medical records, which are accessed much easier on electronic servers.

Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny earned her medical degree from Tufts University Medical School and completed her residencies in family medicine so that she could find a position she could help the most people.

After Dr. Rose Kenny started her career at the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon, ​Dr. Rose Kenny started to train in additional skills as well so she could help her patients further.

Dr. Kenny completed a course in Clinical Informatics in Kansas University Medical Center and has worked as the Family Care Center’s Clinical Informatician for the clinic since 2002.

EMRs matter because they give physicians, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals the information they need to make their decisions about patient care, diagnoses, and recommendations for their patients and other professionals who have a hand in the care of patients in healthcare facilities.

EMR are getting more complex and integral to the care of patients in today’s healthcare system in the United States.

Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny has helped countless patients with her work improving EMR used within the Family Care Center. She has implemented many new solutions for the facility.

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