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Dr. Rose Kenny: Why Do Yoga?

· Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny has practiced as a family physician for nearly two decades, and she maintains an excellent reputation. Dr. Rose Kenny is been based in Redmond, Oregon, at the Family Care Center since 2002 – Dr. Rose Kenny serves as the clinic’s owner and operator – and Dr. Rose Kenny leads a busy life. Despite the stress that work can sometimes cause, Dr. Kenny’s yoga practice helps her maintain a happy, caring demeanor.

Dr Rose Kenny

If you’re considering joining yogis like Dr. Rose Kenny, what are you waiting for? Yoga is great for building strength, increasing endurance, improving flexibility and finding emotional balance. You can practice at home or in classes, following one of the many styles, to build a personalize yoga routine that works.

Dr Rose Kenny

When you’re ready to get started, consider exploring different yogic practices with local experts or with one of the many certified instructors on YouTube.

Warning: Never begin a new exercise routine or diet without first consulting your family physician.

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