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Dr. Rose Kenny - Three Items All Mountain Bikers Need

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Dr. Rose Kenny is a physician at the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon who has built her career on building relationships with her patients at the clinic and their families. Dr. Rose Kenny frequently works with children and their parents to help them all prevent and treat many different maladies.

Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Kenny has also enjoyed playing in the many natural areas all around her community in the Redmond and Bend areas of central Oregon, which are full of excellent mountain biking trails. Here are three items that Dr. Kenny always keeps on hand:

  • Bike cleaner. Most mechanical issues can be prevented with a good cleaning, especially in the drive train of the bike. Take a bottle of bike cleaner to clear your chains and gears of debris and grime that can build up and cause more damage to your bike in the future.
  • Bib shorts. You can wear this item under baggier shorts and clothes to help keep everything in place and avoid waistbands that can cause chafing. Get one that fits comfortably and allows you to wear your other gear over the top of it for long rides.
  • Repair stand. Good for your home, a repair stand makes it much easier to repair and clean your bike without it falling on you when you’re working. Dr. Rose Kenny keeps one in her car when she goes mountain biking so she can make adjustments before and after her rides.

Dr. Rose Kenny is always looking for new places to ride.

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