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Dr. Rose Kenny:Three Benefits of Joining CrossFit

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Dr. Rose Kenny, as a physician working for the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon, constantly preaches the many benefits of regular exercise in all forms. Cardiovascular exercise and calisthenics have been proven to improve overall health in many ways.

Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny has personally seen the positive effects of regular exercise programs in getting people active and lowering their blood pressure, improving their overall heart health, building strength, and more. Dr. Rose Kenny has been a devoted CrossFit participant for several years and has found these three main benefits of the exercise program:

  • Relationship building. When you’re in the CrossFit ‘box’—or gym—you’re working out alongside a group of people all motivated to get stronger and in better shape. A camaraderie naturally develops between Dr. Rose Kenny and her fellow CrossFit participants throughout a course.
  • Work out all muscle groups. CrossFit workouts are dynamic and work out many different muscle groups while building cardiovascular fitness as well. It’s like using several different workout machines all at once.
  • Overall lifestyle improvement. Dr. Kenny has seen what can happen when people get trapped in a cycle of unhealthy life choices. Sometimes, it comes down to the motivation and habits of the people around them. At CrossFit sessions, everyone around you is dedicated to improving their health, and their energy will rub off on you.

Dr. Rose Kenny has helped herself by dedicating herself to her local CrossFit community. She has seen recognizable benefits from working out and joining a CrossFit gym. She recommends it to her patients regularly.

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