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Dr. Rose Kenny: The Most Common CrossFit Mistakes


· Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny leads an active lifestyle and has participated in mountain biking, downhill skiing and Bikram Yoga in an effort to maintain a high level of physical fitness. In recent years Dr. Rose Kenny has also become interested in Cross Fit, which is a form of exercise that focuses on pushing participants to their limits via a variety of challenging workouts. This can be intimidating to those who are new to Cross Fit, so try to avoid making these mistakes to get the most out of your sessions.

Trying To Keep Up

You’re first few Cross Fit sessions should be spent familiarizing yourself with the routines and figuring out where you stand in terms of your current fitness levels. However, many novices make the mistake of trying to keep up with the top performers in their classes, which can result in injury and fatigue. Take it slow and build a base before you really start to push yourself.

Focusing On Reps

While repetitions will be crucial when it comes to building strength in your muscles, you need to understand the importance of good technique. Five reps with proper technique will offer more benefits than ten with poor form, plus you reduce the risk of suffering an injury.

Not Recovering

Without taking time to recover you will not feel the full benefits of your workouts? Over-training is a common problem amongst novices and it can lead to a range of issues, including fatigue, irritability and a loss of motivation. Speak to your trainer and understand that days off are just as important as days on.

Dr. Rose Kenny is an experienced physician and CrossFit enthusiast.

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