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Dr. Rose Kenny - Taking Human Factors into Account in Interface Design for EMR

· Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny is well trained and educated in the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and the interfaces that medical professionals have to use when dealing with them.


Dr. Rose Kenny is a physician working for the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon and is also an EMR consultant for the medical center in addition to working as the clinic’s Clinical Informatician. Dr Rose Kenny earned this designation after taking a course on Clinical Informatics at the Kansas University Medical Center in 2015.

Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny has been involved in the use and design of EMR interfaces for the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon and has learned to take into account human factors when designing these interfaces.

Although with the advent of EMR in recent years to help physicians and doctors make decisions about patient care, there have been concerns surrounding the increased use of EMR interfaces in hospitals and other medical facilities in recent years, including issues with usability and safety.

Some studies have found issues in the use of EMR that could lead to communication breakdown and patient suffering, including the severing of natural dialog between healthcare workers, between nurses and doctors and surgeons, etc.; the ineffective use of language in medical records, and a lack of error prevention, among others. Dr. Kenny has taken these problems with the use of EMR into account.

Dr Rose Kenny has shown repeatedly throughout her career that she will do what it takes to provide all of her patients with the best possible care she can.

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