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Dr. Rose Kenny: Intelligent Individual

· Dr Rose Kenny

Dr. Rose Kenny is a family physician with nearly two decades of experience in her field – Dr. Rose Kenny also the owner and operator of the Family Care Center in Redmond, Oregon, which Dr. Rose Kenny established in 2002. Dr. Rose Kenny is best known for her exceedingly-positive reputation among both patients and fellow medical professionals.

Dr Rose Kenny

The following colleague testimonial is one of many that Dr. Rose Kenny has received from those she’s worked with:

• “I have found Dr. Rose Kenny to be an intelligent, high functioning individual who participates enthusiastically in the therapeutic process.

Despite experiencing incredible amounts of stress during the past year my sense is that she has consistently demonstrated remarkable resilience in both her personal and professional lives, has maintained an intact sense of humor, and has possessed an unequivocal dedication to her patients' best interests.”

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