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Dr. Rose Kenny - Food and Travel Adventures

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Dr. Rose Kenny runs the busy Family Care Clinic in Redmond Oregon, but still makes time to indulge in one of her many passions: traveling to exotic locations and immersing herself in the local cuisine. Her world travels have included cooking classes highlighting local cuisines as well as experiencing exotic local foods while traveling.

Dr. Kenny’s most recent trip was inspired by the book “Istanbul Eats”; after reading the book, she traveled to Turkey to explore the country and experience the cuisine. Other culinary focused trips have included traveling to Greece where she took classes in olive oil and pressing olives, a trip to Barcelona where she learned to make authentic Spanish paella and discovering how to make traditional Bavarian Weisswurst in Germany. While traveling in Kenya, Dr. Kenny indulged in exotic meats such as wildebeest and zebra.

Dr Rose Kenny

When she is not traveling, Dr. Kenny keeps her culinary fix going by following multiple food feeds on Twitter, including Eat Your World and Culinary Backstreets. She also keeps a large food log, tracking all the dishes she has made throughout the years. “I have developed an electronic recipe book of over 10,000 recipes, all of which I have made,” said Dr. Kenny.

Dr Rose Kenny has been hosting elaborate dinner parties, largely inspired by her travels, since 2001. Parties have incorporated up to 40 dishes in one evening and have included themes such as the Australian Outback with spices and herbs from the Bush, Oktoberfest featuring breads and meats imported from Germany and the exploration of the classic red wine Syrah.

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