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Dr. Rose Kenny: Common Mistakes Made By New Skiers


· Dr Rose Kenny

As an experienced skier, Dr. Rose Kenny has seen many people take to the slopes for the first time, particularly when she coached classes at Mt. Bachelor for the Deschutes Multisport Triathlete Group. There are a number of common mistakes that novices are prone to making when they start exploring the sport, with the below being blunders you should aim to avoid.

Looking At the Skis

Trying to maintain your balance when on your skis will be the first major challenge that you face as a novice. Your instinct will likely be to look down at your skis so you can get to grips with staying upright, but you will soon find that this distracts your focus from where you are going and actually makes it harder to maintain your balance.

Leaning Back

Another instinctual issue is the feeling that you should lean back when you start going down a slope. This is rooted in our base desire to get away from anything that may be perceived as dangerous and it needs to be overcome. Leaning back will cause issues in balance and will also prevent you from hitting the speeds you need for downhill skiing.

Being Cocky

Even the most experienced skiers understand that they never truly master the sport. There are always risks that everybody from novices through to experienced practitioners, like Dr. Rose Kenny, must face, so it is crucial they are taken seriously. Do not get cocky as your skills develop and treat every moment you spend on the slopes as a learning experience.

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